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year: 2019
Media: bolus armenian on paper magnani 100%
size: 32x28
(including shipping)

are a series of works on paper made at night.
are works on paper made at night.
The author's intention is to create an art of "kindness",
an outward expression of spiritual and human love,
by proposing a visual monody.

Their characteristic is that they are not determined by colour
but by matter, a special very fine earth-bolus from the region of Armenia
that the author has choosen during his travels.
It has a particular chromatic tint that is exalted in its drafting, creating
unexpected nuances, like the black in the night.

The earth is spread on a special very thick paper with a high absorption
capacity, produced by the Ancient Magnani paper mill of Pescia.
They are drawings made on earth, perhaps the oldest way of drawing of man.
Fragile and delicate in appearance, strong as the material that composes them.
For this reason they are called the nocturnes.
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